Dispute Resolution

Avante is highly specialised in dispute resolution. We advise on commercial disputes and insolvency proceedings before all Spanish courts. Besides litigation, our team has wide experience in commercial international and national arbitration. We also help our clients coordinating cross-border disputes.

Avante has wide experience in:

  • Pre-contentious strategic advice
  • Commercial disputes
  • Interim measures before judicial and arbitration courts
  • Enforcement of national judgements and arbitral awards.
  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign resolution and arbitral awards.
  • Appeals before the Court of Appeal, Supreme Court and Constitutional Court.
  • Coordination of cross-border disputes and affidavits on Spanish law in the frame of a foreign proceedings
  • National and international arbitration (both as arbitrator and as counsel)
  • Setting aside and revisión of definitives awards

Disputes related to:

  • Maritime
  • Port
  • Aviation
  • Transport
  • Logistics
  • Insurance and reinsurance
  • International trade
  • Corporate litigation
  • Energy, real estate and construction
  • Lease
  • Agency, distribution, supply and franchise (termination, damages, etc.)
  • M&A and joint ventures

In addition Avante advices on insolvency law, particularly:

Insolvency Law

  • Pre-insolvency advice
  • Insolvency receivership
  • Advice on composition agreement or on the winding-up phase
  • Recognition and enforcement of court decisions issued in foreign insolvency proceedings
  • Challenge and recognition of credits
  • Protection of creditors’ rights
  • Guarantees
  • Enforcement and recognition of foreign credits and guarantees in Spanish insolvency proceedings
  • Affidavits under Spanish insolvency law to be filed in foreign insolvency proceedings