Our Principles

1. Commitment and knowledge

We put top quality service at the heart of our firm. We focus exclusively on those areas of practice in which we create value. We work to demanding standards of excellence. Rigour and technical knowledge are the distinctive features of our work.

2. Business-oriented and always available

We are proactive, distinctly business-oriented and are available to attend our clients around the clock. We are geared to attending our clients’ needs at short notice.

3. Flexibility

Our structure enables us to adapt our services and fees to our clients’ needs, always offering maximum flexibility

4. Clarity and confidence

We seek to be clear, transparent and straightforward in our legal advice, both in content and in presentation. We seek to build long term relationships with our clients as we support them in their business.

5.International focus

The international focus of Avante is evidenced by our personal profiles. We have studied at international universities and worked at leading international law firms and companies.