Avante Legal
Rail and road transport

Avante’s transport practise encompasses advice on contractual and regulatory issues, as well as on the litigation arising from such activity. Due to the global nature of the transport sector, Avante has a distinctly international focus, leading it to work continually with international clients and providers from various countries:

1. Road transport 

      • Carriage of goods by road
      • Concessions and authorisations for transport of goods
      • Transport operators
      • Civil liability of carrier
      • Financing and acquisition of vehicle fleets and rolling stock
      • Insurance for road transport
      • Judicial, administrative and arbitral proceedings

2. Rail transport

      • Carriage of goods by rail
      • Railway infraestructures
      • Concessions and authorisations to operate in the railway sector and rolling stock
      • Insurance for rail transport
      • Judicial, administrative and arbitral proceedings

3. Other areas of advice

      • Postal sector
      • M & A of transport  companies

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