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Avante is an independient boutique specialising in maritime law, transport, insurance and reinsurance, dispute resolution, transport and international trade. Our philisophy is based on a strong desire to serve in which the client is our focus. We view the legal profession as a client service commitment.

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Avante Legal
Why us?

  1.  Commitment and knowledge
  2.  Business-oriented and quick reply
  3.  Flexibility
  4.  Clarity and confidence
  5.  International focus
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Our offices

Madrid office

Calle Velázquez, 59, 6º centro-izquierda, 28001 Madrid (Spain)
(+34) 917 430 950

Vigo office

Calle Montero Ríos, 38, 1º derecha, 36201 Vigo (Spain)
(+34) 986 226 382